Safety, quality and expert planning are critical to our business. We often experience simultaneous construction, equipment, and project demands, often under tight deadlines and regulatory scrutiny.

US Shale Solutions is made up of a select group of companies that have demonstrated integrity, safety and reliability when it comes to construction and maintenance. We can help with site preparation, surface equipment installation and well head hookup as well as pipeline and facility construction and maintenance. For every need, we bring in well-trained team members, state-of-the-art technologies, quality control of processes and excellent value to our customers.

You can count on us for pipeline construction for small or larger diameter projects in lengths from a few hundred feet to many miles. Additional services we provide are roustabout maintenance services, tank battery construction and maintenance, containment construction and spray-in liners, painting, fencing, landscape services, and equipment rental.

We are able to integrate these services into a unique solution that helps you bring your production on faster, while ensuring you have what you need, on time, and in full compliance with safety and environmental standards.

Our offerings in this area include:

  • Site Prep and Well Pads
  • Tank Battery Installation
  • Wellhead Hook Up
  • Field Compression
  • Gather Systems
  • Pipeline Repair and Maintenance
  • Post-Drilling Remediation and Restoration