Well fracturing requires chemical management precision. At US Shale Solutions, we’re able to minimize formation damage and optimize drilling efficiency through the use of proprietary technology that enables us to outperform our competition.

While we provide specialty chemicals and drilling fluids, what distinguishes us from other energy services providers is our Chemical Blending Equipment Package (CBEP) which combines mechanical, chemical and IT networking capabilities. This CBEP involves placing sensors on flow-back units, which enables the automated release of chemicals and provides real-time data to facilitate remote monitoring and adjustment.

We are also able to provide foam-drilling fluids enhanced with shale stabilizers that allow operators to drill under-balanced while maintaining excellent well-bore stability. Ultimately, we’re able to increase production while saving money on chemical and fluid expense.

Once the well is completed, we are highly qualified to provide flowback and well testing services.  To that end, we employ the most knowledgeable flowback operators and offer very competitive pricing. We install our proprietary separators and flow back iron to clean up the well for final production and to provide comprehensive data on fluids recovery and composition analysis, gas rate and flow measurement, and solids recovery.

We have many years of experience in the regions we serve and we have been able to provide consistently good drilling performance on wells that we service.

Our offerings in this area include:

  • Acidizing
  • Chemical Blending Services
  • Drilling and Completions Fluids
  • Flowback & Well Testing
  • LCM and Sand Plugs
  • Solids Control